Entry #1

some new work on the way

2017-04-20 21:23:02 by TranceCrafter

So I'm making my first post in a long while.

I've been developing myself in a number of areas as an artist these past few years, have a lot of music that feels like it's about to explode out of me. I just feel like it needs some more work before it's ready you know?

I learned to play the piano very well since starting on it 3 years ago. got a girlfriend. lost a girlfriend.

also, it's really really important for people on this site to understand that it's not healthy to stay up night after night. I stayed up for like 4 nights straight, no sleep and it really affected my health.

yeah, I'm dedicated, perhaps a bit too much for my own good.


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2017-04-20 22:37:12

damn man, hit me with that deep shit

I lose sleep all the time drawing Simpsons characters or whatever. Passion and anxiety just don't mix well haha.


2017-04-21 15:16:04

Please do notstay up 4 nights straight but.. Youre the best trance producer on NG! Keep it up! <3

TranceCrafter responds:

I swear, I hope no one does what I did.