painted in the blue

2017-05-17 00:56:41 by TranceCrafter

I stare at a wall
and it's not hard to see
how I bleed just a little on the inside

I wanna scream sometimes
dreams of places I've been
all of the light, in this dark under the sunshine

cheers to the world, it's closer
leave me too far behind
straight through the waves of the day, straight to the inside

and then there's you,
painted in the blue, lit in a scene
thoughts give away into a trench, to the misery in between

and I wish that I wasn't paralyzed.

the top 5 was so fantastic for everyone who was able to take part in it, there was something so special about the old model (granted the new newgrounds looks great) but the sheer fact of HAVING a top selection every week of the best 5 submissions allowed artists to get exposure and to start their own audiences :)

would you consider bringing it back in the future?

Will be uploading some songs today, all of them have been what I would deem as "completed," and spans multiple years of work.

some new work on the way

2017-04-20 21:23:02 by TranceCrafter

So I'm making my first post in a long while.

I've been developing myself in a number of areas as an artist these past few years, have a lot of music that feels like it's about to explode out of me. I just feel like it needs some more work before it's ready you know?

I learned to play the piano very well since starting on it 3 years ago. got a girlfriend. lost a girlfriend.

also, it's really really important for people on this site to understand that it's not healthy to stay up night after night. I stayed up for like 4 nights straight, no sleep and it really affected my health.

yeah, I'm dedicated, perhaps a bit too much for my own good.